Azure Monitor


The Azure Monitor Metrics action allows users to fetch and visualize metrics from Azure Monitor for a specified resource.

Display Criteria

By default, this Action is disabled and when enabled will appear for all the azurerm resources. If you want to display this action only for certain resources, please check display criteria.


This action requires the following variables as Workspace Variables or Global Variables in the Workspace Organization:

  • ARM_CLIENT_ID: The Azure Client ID used for authentication.

  • ARM_CLIENT_SECRET: The Azure Client Secret used for authentication.

  • ARM_TENANT_ID: The Azure Tenant ID associated with your subscription.

  • ARM_SUBSCRIPTION_ID: The Azure Subscription ID where the VM is located.

The Client ID should have at least Monitoring Reader or Reader access on resource group or subscription.


  • Navigate to the Workspace Overview or the Visual State and click on a resource name.

  • Click the Monitor tab to view metrics for the selected resource.

  • You can view additional details for the metrics using the tooltip.

  • You can see more details for each chart by navigating through it.

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