Gitlab EE and CE

To use Terrakubeโ€™s VCS features with a self-hosted GitLab Enterprise Edition (EE) or GitLab Community Edition (CE), follow these instructions. For, see the separate instructions.

Manage VCS Providers permission is required to perform this action, please check Team Management for more info.

  • Got to the organization settings you want to configure. Select the VCS Providers on the left menu and click the Add VCS provider button on the top right corner.

If you prefer, you can add a new VCS Provider directly from the Create workspace or Create Module screen.

  • Click the Gitlab button and then click the GitLab Enterprise option.

  • On the next screen, enter the following information about your GitLab instance:






  • Use a different browser tab to access your GitLab instance and sign in with the account that you want Terrakube to use. You should use a service user account for your organization, but you can also use a personal account.

Note: To connect Terrakube, you need an account with admin (master) access to any shared repositories of Terraform configurations. This is because creating webhooks requires admin permissions. Make sure you create the application as a user-owned application, not as an administrative application. Terrakube needs user access to repositories to create webhooks and ingress configurations.

If you have GitLab CE or EE 10.6 or higher, you might also need to turn on Allow requests to the local network from hooks and services. You can find this option in the Admin area under Settings, in the โ€œOutbound requestsโ€ section (/admin/application_settings/network). For more details, see the GitLab documentation.

  • Navigate to GitLab "User Settings > Applications" page. This page is located at https://<GITLAB INSTANCE HOSTNAME>/profile/applications

  • In the GitLab page, complete the required fields and click Save application



Your application name, for example you can use your organization name.

Redirect URI

Copy the Redirect URI from the UI


Only api should be checked

You can complete the fields using the information suggested by terrakube in the VCS provider screen

  • On the next screen, copy the Application ID and Secret

  • Go back to Terrakube to enter the information you copied from the previous step. Then, click the Connect and Continue button.

You will be redirected to GitLab. Click the Authorize button to complete the connection.

Finally, if the connection was established successfully, you will be redirected to the VCS providerโ€™s page in your organization. You should see the connection status with the date and the user that created the connection.

And now, you will be able to use the connection in your workspaces and modules:

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