💿Docker Images

Images for Terrakube components can be found in the following links:

Default Images are based on Ubuntu Jammy (linux/amd64)

The docker images are generated using cloud native buildpacks with the maven plugin, more information can be found in these links:

Alpaquita Linux (Experimental)

From Terrakube 2.17.0 we generate 3 additional docker images for the API, Registry and Executor components that are based on Alpaquita Linux that are designed and optimized for Spring Boot applications.

docker pull azbuilder/api-server:2.17.0-alpaquita
docker pull azbuilder/open-registry:2.17.0-alpaquita
docker pull azbuilder/executor:2.17.0-alpaquita

Alpaquita Linux images for the Executor component does not include GIT, Terraform modules using remote executions like the following wont work:

module "consul" {
  source = "git@github.com:hashicorp/example.git"

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