By default the helmchart deploy a postgresql database in your terrakube namespace but if you want to customize that you can change the default deployment values.

To use a PostgreSQL with your Terrakube deployment create a terrakube.yaml file with the following content:

## Terrakube API properties
  defaultDatabase: false
  loadSampleData: false
    databaseType: "POSTGRESQL"
    databaseHostname: ""
    databaseName: "database_name"
    databaseUser: "database_user"
    databasePassword: "database_password"
    databaseSslMode: "disable"
    databasePort: "5432"

loadSampleData this will add some organization, workspaces and modules by default in your database if need it

Now you can install terrakube using the command.

helm install --values terrakube.yaml terrakube terrakube-repo/terrakube -n terrakube

Postgresql SSL mode can be use adding databaseSslMode parameter by default the value is "disable", but it accepts the following values; disable, allow, prefer, require, verify-ca, verify-full. This feature is supported from Terrakube 2.15.0. Reference:

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