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Global Variables

Global Variables allow you to define and apply variables one time across all workspaces within an organization. For example, you could define a global variable of provider credentials and automatically apply it to all workspaces.
Workspace variables have priority over global variables if the same name is used.

Creating a Global Variable

Only users that belongs to Terrakube administrator group can create global variables. This group is defined in the terrakube settings during deployment, for more details see Administrator group
Once you are in the desired organization, click the Settings button, then in the left menu select the Global Variables option and click the Add global variable button
In the popup, provide the required values. Use the below table as reference:
Unique variable name
Key value
Category could be Terraform Variable or Environment Variable
Free text to document the reason for this global variable
Parse this field as HashiCorp Configuration Language (HCL). This allows you to interpolate values at runtime.
Sensitive variables are never shown in the UI or API. They may appear in Terraform logs if your configuration is designed to output them.
Finally click the Save global variable button and the variable will be created
You will see the new global variable in the list. And now the variable will be injected in all the workspaces within the organization

Edit a Global Variable

Click the Edit button next to the global variable you want to edit.
Change the fields you need and click the Save global variable button
For security, you can't change the Sensitive field. So if you want to change one global variable to sensitive you must delete the existing variable and create a new one

Delete a Global Variable

Click the Delete button next to the global variable you want to delete, and then click the Yes button to confirm the deletion. Please take in consideration the deletion is irreversible