👮Self-Hosted Agents

This feature is supported from version 2.20.0 and helm chart version 3.16.0

Terrakube allow to have one or multiple agents to run jobs, you can have as many agents as you want for a single organization.

To use this feature you could deploy a single executor component using the following values:

# Executor should be enable but we need to customize the apiServiceUrl
  enabled: true
  apiServiceUrl: "http://terrakube-api-service.terrakube:8080" ## The API is in another namespace called "terrakube"

# We need to disable the default openLdap but we need to provide the internal secret
# so the executor can authenticat with the API and the Registry
  useOpenLDAP: false
  internalSecret: "AxxPdgpCi72f8WhMXCTGhtfMRp6AuBfj"

# We need to disable dex in this deployment
  enabled: false

# We need to disable default storage MINIO and set some custom values 
# in this example will be deploying like using an external MINIO
#(other backend storage could be used too)
  defaultStorage: false
    accessKey: "admin"
    secretKey: "superadmin"
    bucketName: "terrakube"
    endpoint: "http://terrakube-minio.terrakube:9000" ## MINIO is in another namespace called "terrakube"

# We need to disable API, the default redis and default postgresql database
# But we need to provide some properties like the redis connection
  enabled: false
  defaultRedis: false
  defaultDatabase: false
    redisHostname: "terrakube-redis-master.terrakube" ## REDIS is in another namespace called "terrakube"
    redisPassword: "7p9iWVeRV4S944"

# We need to disable registry deployment
  enabled: false

# We need to disable ui deployment
  enabled: false

# We need to disable the ingress configuration
# but we need to specify the api and registry URL 
  useTls: false
  includeTlsHosts: false
    enabled: false
    enabled: false
    domain: "terrakube-api.minikube.net"
    enabled: false
    domain: "terrakube-reg.minikube.net"
    enabled: false

The above values are assuming the we have deploy terrakube using the domain "minikube.net" inside a namespace called "terrakube"

Now that we have our values.yaml we can use the following helm command:

helm install --debug --values ./your-values.yaml terrakube terrakube-repo/terrakube -n self-hosted-executor

Now we have a single executor component ready to accept jobs or we could change the number or replicas to have multiple replicas like a pool of agent:

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